black two headed dragon

The Black Dragon Looking Out Over Storm Mountain

A simple errand gone wrong.

A leftover spell leads to terrible consequences.

Two enemies must work together or all will be lost.

When Mouse sends Flint on a simple errand, he unknowingly embarks on a journey of discovery.

Unexpected adventure creates a distance between Flint, the safety of Green Wood and his animal friends.

As he explores new territory, Flint encounters new friends – and makes new enemies.

Here, Flint, the Dragon must choose the right action to take despite his lack of confidence and a deep sense of foreboding.

Can Flint be brave in the face of danger?  Will he be strong enough to stand his ground when he needs to?  Or will he lose his nerve at the exact moment he needs it most?

Join Flint as he journeys to distant lands, where mystery and magic are part of every day – and strange happenings create circumstances that even the bravest of dragons would fear.

The Black Dragon is the second novel in the Middle-Grade fantasy series that is full of potential and promise, action and adventure, strange characters and even stranger places far away from Flint’s home and those he loves most.


The Black Dragon

Chapter One:  All-Weather Friends

Golden Eagle was right, as always. Soon after his first lesson, Flint the Dragon found that flying was really quite easy, even natural.

Being able to fly was something special, indeed.

When Flint was high in the sky, either above Green Wood or the valley, he could see far off into the distance and around in all directions. One day he would like to explore all that was out there in the distance, but for now, he preferred to stay close to home.

Almost every day, Flint practiced his flying, especially the particular movements and techniques that Golden Eagle had taught him. He learned what he had to do to soar or to dive. Flint learned to navigate the different currents of air, which seemed to him to be like rivers in the sky.

Some currents were rough, and he had to fight to get anywhere. Luckily, however, if he found a current flowing in his intended direction, flying was almost effortless, and he would take no time at all to reach his destination.

Golden Eagle loved to share his knowledge with Flint, who was not only the eager student that Golden Eagle had suspected he would be, but Flint was also a quick learner. This was a great relief to Golden Eagle as he was not the most patient of birds!

The other woodland animals would often gather to sit and watch Flint from the edge of the Cliff. Sometimes for fun, Skunk and Rabbit would take turns riding on Flint’s back, but they never liked being away from the Cliff for too long.

Mouse could have gone flying, too, if she really wanted to, but she preferred to have solid ground under her. She knew that sitting on top of Flint’s head while he walked around was one level of adventure, but flying through the sky with nothing solid underneath either of them would be quite another!

The months passed quickly, and Flint was now almost a full-sized dragon. It was exactly as Golden Eagle had predictedFlint’s wings were always just the right size. Instead of the puny little wings, which had seemed so small and delicate upon his hatching, he now had strong, elegant wings, which stretched wide and dipped gracefully as he soared in flight.

When Flint was not busy practicing his flying, he kept his wings folded neatly against his body, just as Golden Eagle had taught him. That way, it was easier for him to get around on foot and his wings wouldn’t get tangled in the trees or busheswhich would hurt a lot!

As Flint discovered early on, his wings were extremely sensitive. This sensitivity meant that when he was flying, he could feel the air pass both above and below his wings. He could also sense the temperature or easily detect a change in the air currents and even the weather. This allowed him to safely fly to his destination and make necessary adjustments along the way.

By the end of his first year, Flint had grown much taller than Bear, his wingspan was ten times wider than Golden Eagle’s, and he had developed a long and magnificent tail.

To satisfy Flint’s enormous appetite, Bear taught him how to catch fish from the river that ran through the back part of Green Wood below the Cliff.

Fortunately for Bear, Flint did not eat every day, as he had when he was little, or there would never have been enough fish in the stream for both great beasts. Flint also discovered the tasty green rushes that grew by the edge of the streambut nothing could compare to rhubarb. That was still his favourite. Fortunately for Flint, the more rhubarb he picked, the more quickly it grew back. So there was always a good supply.

By now, Flint had now grown so large that his original nest had become much too small for him. Working together with his friends provided him with lots of help to construct a bigger one. It was a busy and fun time when all the animals joined forces to build his new nest.

Since they already knew exactly what to do, the task went more quickly than the first time. Soon there was a steady stream of twigs, moss, and sweet-smelling ferns being carried into the Cave. Mouse directed where everything should be placed.

By combining their efforts, the animal friends soon completed a larger, sturdier, and far more comfortable nest for Flint. It would certainly keep him cozy and warm at night for many seasons to come.

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