green dragon in a forest talking with a squirrel

Flint in his home in Green Wood

  • A peaceful woodland community interrupted.  
  • A dragon with a gentle heart must face his greatest fear.  
  • A mouse determined to do what is right – no matter the cost.

When the animal friends of Green Wood discover Flint the Dragon is an orphan, they band together and accept him as part of their community.

Despite their best efforts, Flint struggles with expressing his true nature. What he learns about dragons is something he never wants to be. As a result, he holds himself back and is afraid of using the natural powers every dragon is born with.

Will Flint become who he thinks he should be? Or will he embrace his dragon qualities and use them wisely?

Join Flint, his animal friends and Zap the Wizard as they try to unravel the mystery of dragons and Flint’s search for self-identity.

Flint the Dragon is the first novel in a Middle-Grade fantasy series that features daring decisions, certain courage, horrible humor and unexpected results from magical spells.

A friendly green dragon in a wood

Flint the Dragon at Home in Green Wood

Flint the Dragon

Chapter One:  An Important Message

It was early morning when Golden Eagle swooped down from Stone Mountain. A current of cool air carried him almost the entire way.

Gliding on the wind along an invisible pathway, Golden Eagle coasted, mastering the beginning of his descent.

The shadow of his wide wingspan rippled along the ground before him. Golden Eagle dropped gracefully with talons forward and wings back, preparing to land.

There, among the tall grasses in the field by the edge of Green Wood, Wolf crouched low to the ground. His nose was filled with the scent of his prey as his mouth watered in anticipation. Wolf was waiting for the perfect moment to spring up while he was hunting for breakfast.

At exactly that moment, with great precision and almost silently, Golden Eagle touched down nearby.

It was too late.

Wolf’s concentration was broken.

Awkwardly, Wolf sprang out of his hiding place, rustling the grass around him. Landing heavily and with too much weight on his front paws, Wolf was just in time to see his breakfast scurry beyond his reach and disappear into the grass.

While his stomach rumbled and complained noisily, Wolf lifted his scruffy head and scowled at Golden Eagle. “Greetings from Stone Mountain, Wolf,” Golden Eagle announced, while ignoring the scowl and folding his wings neatly behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Wolf narrowed his gaze, hoping to make his glare more effective.

Golden Eagle hardly ever came to Green Wood and certainly never visited Wolf. After this annoying interruption, Wolf would have to hunt for his breakfast all over again.

“Your timing couldn’t be worse!”

Golden Eagle turned in such a way that Wolf could only see one of his eyes. Wolf lowered his head while the great bird continued to stare at him.

Shifting uncomfortably, Wolf shook himself.

Now, with authority, Golden Eagle’s two perfectly round eyes were fixed on Wolf, who obediently lowered his head even more. He sat in front of Golden Eagle, while fidgeting just a little.

Ignoring Wolf’s foul mood and with a tone of superiority, Golden Eagle declared, “Zap the Wizard wants all the animals to meet him at Owl’s Tree for an important message.”

“Here comes nothing good,” Wolf mumbled under his breath.

“Zap would like you to let all the animal friends know.”

“What do you mean? I’m supposed to tell everyone?” His morning was going to be ruined! “I’m terribly busy, you know. Can’t you find someone else?”

“I found you.”

“How lucky for me.”

“If you would be so kind.”

“Kindness has nothing to do with it!”

“I am sure it will take you no time at all—if you get to it right away, of course,” Golden Eagle said, a little too politely.

“But I have things to do—things that can’t wait!” Dread was setting in. “Don’t pick me! I don’t have any time to go running about, trying to find everyone.”

“You will do just fine.”

“What if everyone is busy? What if no one can come? What if I can’t find anyone to tell?”

“Well, then, Zap the Wizard will be displeased.”

“What if I just waste my whole morning for nothing?”

Without answering, Golden Eagle turned to his left, spread his giant golden wings and called out behind him as he ascended into the sky, “Zap will be here shortly!”

Wolf stood alone in his field watching Golden Eagle’s elegant form grow smaller and smaller. “I can tell this is going to turn out to be an awful day.”

Wolf reluctantly set off in the direction of Green Wood, going as slowly as he dared.

No one ever considers my feelings, or that I might be busy. Noooo—especially not Mr. Golden Eagle! He just comes and goes as he pleases! Wolf paused to give himself a good shake before plodding on.

There is never any thought for me at all! I wonder if the great Mr. Golden Eagle knows he is the reason I lost my breakfast, or if he cares that my stomach is rumbling. Wolf stopped again. I am positive he had breakfast, so he won’t be as hungry as I am!

Trudging through the trees, Wolf swiped at a loose stone. “Take that you silly rock!” He said out loud. The rock made a short skip to the side, but it didn’t move very far.

“Humph!”” Wolf drooped his head and sulked. Who knows when I might eat again?

Why did I have to be the one that Golden Eagle found first? Why do I have to be responsible for the meeting? He knows there are others much more willing and capable than I am. Nobody seems to understand that I just want to be left alone!

As they rolled around in his head, each of the “why” thoughts suddenly turned into “what” thoughts.

What is all the fuss about a stupid message from a wizard? What could be so important anyway?

In the midst of his “what” thoughts, a spark of curiosity ignited.

Wait a minute … Wolf slowed his pace. When I think of it, everything about this situation seems strange.

Golden Eagle never comes to my field and certainly not so early in the morning. What kind of ridiculous, important message does Zap the Wizard have that can’t wait? Nothing ever happens around here. I wonder what this fuss is all about. Can’t be anything that’s going to make my day any better. I am sure of that.

  • green dragon in a forest talking with a squirrel

    Flint the Dragon enjoying his home in Green Wood

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  • Flint the Dragon Paperback
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