a blue dragon on the beach

Torch the Dragon looking over his shoulder on the beach

A forgotten threat returns to Green Wood.

A dangerous spell that must be broken.

A misfit who becomes a hero despite an unreliable past.

When a dangerous and forgotten enemy returns to Green Wood, disaster strikes.

It is up to Flint the Dragon and his companions to save the day – but can they?  When dragon’s blood and teeth hold deep magic if in the wrong hands it will mean a terrible end for everyone – as death is the only outcome.

Can Flint figure out what to do?  Can he rely on help from an unreliable source?  Or is this the end for Flint the Dragon?

Follow Flint the Dragon as he uses everything he knows to try and figure out a way to save himself and his friends from certain doom.

Danger for Dragons is the third novel in a Middle-Grade fantasy series that features twisted minds and words, too much magic and not enough, and finally how Flint must learn that being your real self is the best protection against real darkness and destruction.


a blue dragon on the beach

Torch the Dragon looking over his shoulder on the beach

Danger for Dragons

Chapter One:  A Twitch

Evil Ethel awoke with a start. She felt a twitch in the big toe of her left foot, and that could only mean one thing—someone was using powerful magic from The Book of Knowledge!

Even though she hadn’t felt a twitch like that in a long, long time, Evil Ethel knew exactly what kind of twitch it was.

Just as she began to wonder who it could be, there was another twitch. This time her big toe twitched so hard a lightning bolt of pain shot all the way up to the tip of her nose!

Evil Ethel shouted “OWWW!” quite loudly and sat bolt upright in bed. Grabbing her sore toe with both hands, the witch cried out painfully, “Stop it! Stop it, whoever you are! Stop it, I say!”

The only response to her pleading was that her toe twitched again, even harder than last time. In fact, it twitched so hard and hurt so much, Evil Ethel fell out of bed to thrash about on the hard stone floor.

A loud scream followed an even louder thump and startled Magpie so much that she almost fell off her perch! Annoyed, the bird glared quite rudely at Evil Ethel from the far side of the bedroom. Fortunately for Magpie, the witch didn’t notice the cheeky bird because she was much too busy hopping around on one foot, holding onto her sore toe.

Evil Ethel looks rather silly hopping around like that, thought Magpie as another painful moan filled the air.

Magpie suddenly glowed with satisfaction. It wasn’t often she got to see Evil Ethel uncomfortable or in a spot. Usually, it was Magpie.

“What are you staring at? You stupid, ugly, smelly bird!” Evil Ethel shouted furiously.

Magpie cawed a loud retort. She thought It doesn’t matter to me if Evil Ethel calls me names. I’m not the one with a sore toe.

Then, just to aggravate the witch, Magpie decided to flap her white, black-tipped wings and squawk even louder. Strutting sideways along her perch, she continued squawking and flapping until she reached the end of her golden chain, where she remained well out of reach.

When it came right down to it, Evil Ethel would never really hurt her because Evil Ethel needed Magpie.

When Magpie decided to become even bolder and made more noise by flapping her wings about, mimicking the witch, Evil Ethel stomped her left foot down to the floor with a loud thump!

The witch closed her eyes, clenched her fists tightly to her sides, turned quite red in the face, and roared angrily, “Who dares to wake me with a twitch?” She opened her eyes and glared at Magpie. “Who dares to use such powerful spells from The Book of Knowledge!!??”

Blue veins stood out on the witch’s forehead and seemed to throb so hard that Magpie was afraid they would pop open.

Evil Ethel can be quite frightening when she gets angry, thought Magpie. With Evil Ethel in her present mood, Magpie thought it would be best if she returned to her usual calm and birdlike composure.

With another stamp of her foot, the witch commanded “Wand!”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a rather long and crooked stick of Hazelwood appeared and quivered nervously in front of Evil Ethel. Raising her arms high above her head to invoke her dressing spell, Evil Ethel called out urgently:

Night time is done
My day has begun
Change all my clothes
From my head
To my toes!

In an instant, her crumpled, red flannel nightgown (which kept her warm and cozy at night) was transformed into her witch’s working clothes.

Her clothes were all black except for a red Poppy that stuck out of the black band around the base of her floppy, but fashionable, black hat. There were only a few things that Evil Ethel liked and one of them was Poppies.

Due to some magical secret that Magpie hadn’t figured out yet, Evil Ethel was quite beautiful and young looking for a witch. Yet, despite her hat and the dressing spell, she looked rather messy. Even though Evil Ethel cleaned and repaired her clothes with magic, they still looked crumpled, even if it was a stylish kind of crumpled.

Dressed for action, she grabbed her quivering wand, tossed her head so that her curly red hair bounced sharply, and then stormed out of the room flashing a red-faced glare at Magpie.

Just as Magpie sighed a sigh of relief, Evil Ethel suddenly popped her head around the corner again. “And just you remember, Magpie,” she said with an icy edge, “if you so much as move an inch from that perch before I return, I’ll be eating roast bird for supper!” The door slammed shut.

Magpie froze at the thought of how mad Evil Ethel was, and because of that, she knew the witch would definitely carry out her threat without any hesitation.

The bird winced noticeably as the large key grated in the lock.

a blue dragon on the beach

Torch the Dragon looking over his shoulder on the beach

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